Windows Vista Customer Solution Case Study: Telesystems West

Telesystems West found three main features in Windows Vista that provided the most benefit to the company: Instant Search, BitLocker Drive Encryption and the combination of Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 delivering Dynamic Security Protection with Web browsing.
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      Telesystems has just begun its migration to Windows Vista with the purchase of one new HP laptop with Windows Vista Business for the president of the company. He was concerned about the security of laptop data associated with him and his 12 in-field technicians. He also wanted to find a better way for his technicians to locate and access installation support files found on hard disks, servers and OEM Web sites. With Windows Vista technicians saved 30 to 60 minutes each day because file resources were more easily found, and BitLocker Drive Encryption provides the extra laptop security Telesystems West was looking for.
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