Overview of Service-Oriented Architecture Programming Model and Runtime System for Windows HPC Server 2008

Developers, users, and administrators face increasing challenges in meeting time-to-result goals. Applications must be developed quickly, run efficiently on the cluster, and be effectively managed so that performance, reliability, and resource utilization are optimized. Learn how Windows HPC Server 2008 can help meet these challenges.
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    May 2010

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    Overview of SOA for Windows HPC Server 2008.doc

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      Windows HPC Server 2008 provides a platform for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based applications. The SOA programming model allows solution developers and architects to rapidly develop new high performance computing cluster-enabled interactive applications and easily modify existing distributed computing applications. With Windows HPC Server 2008, the developer build/debug/deploy experience is streamlined, the speed of processing is accelerated, and the management of the applications and systems is simplified.

      This white paper provides a technical overview of SOA applications and the Windows HPC Server 2008 functions that support the SOA model; including building and deploying SOA applications; their architecture, runtime system, scaling, and performance considerations; and monitoring and troubleshooting.
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    Windows Vista, Windows XP

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