GDC 2008: XAudio2 - Audio Building Blocks For The Future

GDC 2008: XAudio2 - Audio Building Blocks For The Future
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    XAudio2 - Audio Building Blocks For The

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      Game audio has evolved well beyond simple wave-file playback with 3D positioning. Now, a great sounding game needs programmable DSP effects, submixing of sounds, surround processing and more. XAudio 2 is the new low-level audio API for Xbox 360 and Windows, providing these features and more through a highly efficient software mixing engine. XAudio 2 supplants DirectSound on Windows and XAudio on Xbox 360, allowing you to write code that is easily portable between Xbox 360 and Windows. This session will cover the XAudio 2 architecture and XAudio 2 features. It will also show programming examples for solutions such as occlusion and environmental modeling, how 3D is implemented and its use of data compression.
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