Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 2 SDK

Software development kit for Expression Encoder 2
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    Expression Encoder 2 Service Pack 1 SDK.msi

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    2.4 MB

      The Expression Encoder 2 SDK includes documentation, samples, and code to help you work with the Expression Encoder object model and extend the functionality of Expression Encoder 2.

      The Expression Encoder 2 Object Model (OM) parallels the features exposed by the Expression Encoder 2 user interface and command-line application. It is built on top of multiple media technologies, including DShow, Silverlight and Windows Media.

      This download includes:
      • IntelliSense for Expression Encoder 2
      • SDK documentation, including API reference
      • Code samples
      • Updated for Expression Encoder 2 Service Pack 1
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 2

      Visual Studio 2008, Visual Basic Express 2008, Visual C# Express 2008, or Visual C++ Express 2008 are required for application development. The applications built on top of the Expression Encoder OM will require Expression Encoder 2 to be installed on the client machine in order to run.

      Expression Encoder 2 requirements are as follows:
      • PC with 1 GHz or faster processor
      • 1 GB of RAM or more
      • 2 GB or more of available hard-disk space
      • .NET Framework 3.5 (if it is not already installed, it will be installed automatically during setup)
      • Support for Microsoft DirectX® 9.0 graphics with Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WDDM) Driver, 128 MB of graphics RAM or more, Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware, 32-bits per pixel
      • DVD-ROM drive
      • 1024 x 768 or higher-resolution monitor with 24-bit color

      Internet functionality requires Internet access (additional fees may apply)

      Actual requirements and product functionality may vary based on your system configuration and operating system.
  • Install Instructions

      1. Click Download (above).

      2. Click Run.

      By default, the SDK will be installed to c:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Encoder 2\SDK.