Microsoft Speech Application Software Development Kit (SASDK) Version 1.0

The Microsoft Speech Application SDK (SASDK) is a set of development tools supporting the Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) specification that will make it easier and faster for developers to incorporate speech functionality into Web applications.
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      The Microsoft Speech Application SDK (SASDK) enables developers to create, debug and deploy speech-enabled ASP.NET Web applications intended for deployment to a Microsoft Speech Server. These applications are designed for devices ranging from telephones to Windows Mobile™-based devices and desktop PCs.

      Application authoring tools are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET 2003, allowing developers to take advantage of a familiar and powerful development environment. In addition to these authoring tools, the SASDK provides a powerful set of ASP.NET Speech controls, a Speech Add-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer, debugging tools, a speech application deployment service, tools for speech application log analysis, sample and reference applications, a rich grammar library, and reference documentation.

      The Speech Add-in for Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer is distributed with Microsoft Speech Server.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Service Pack 1

      • Sound card (Recommended)

      • Microphone (Recommended, USB headset microphone preferred)

      Software Requirements

      • Internet Information Services (Install from your operating system CD using Add/Remove Programs)

      • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0, Service Pack 1 or later

      • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
      • Recommended: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional, Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Developer, or Trial Edition. Only English versions of Visual Studio .NET 2003 are supported.

      • Microsoft Enterprise Instrumentation framework (Included on the SASDK CD-ROM in the Prerequisites\EnterpriseInstrumentation directory)

      • Recommended: Install all available service packs and critical updates from Windows Update prior to running setup for the Speech Application SDK.


      • Microphone: To achieve optimal performance, use a high quality close-talk (headset) microphone. A universal serial bus (USB) microphone with gain adjustment support is

    • Before downloading the Speech SDK it is necessary to create a temporary directory on your computer with at least 1 GB of free space (for example, C:\SpeechSDK). This directory name should not contain spaces.

      High Bandwidth Download Instructions

      To download the files required for installing the Speech SDK in one step, click the file, SASDK_V1_Full.exe, and save it to your computer. Once the file has been downloaded successfully, you can double-click it to extract the contents to the temporary directory you created (C:\SpeechSDK) then follow steps 1 through 4 below.

      Low Bandwidth Download Instructions

      Due to the size of the full download, you may want to download the Speech SDK in separate files that can be extracted after they are saved to your computer. To do this, click the links and save all of the files files to the temporary directory you created (C:\SpeechSDK) then follow the instructions below.

      1. Click the link to save the self-extracting executable, SASDK_Extract.exe, to your computer and double-click this file to extract its contents to the temporary directory you created. (C:\SpeechSDK)

      2. Use the Command Prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd) to browse to the temporary directory you created. For example: C:\> cd C:\SpeechSDK
      3. Run SASDK_ExtractAll.cmd to extract the full image from the .cab files to a new installation directory. For example:
        C:\SpeechSDK> SASDK_ExtractAll.cmd C:\SpeechSDK\Setup
        Note: This may take several minutes to complete.

      4. View C:\SpeechSDK\Setup\Readme.htm for instructions on installing the Speech SDK

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