patterns & practices Symposium - Redmond 2010

Materials for patterns & practices Symposium - Redmond 2010
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    10-Command Query Responsibility Separation

    11-Open Data, Open

    12-Agile Web Development with ASP.NET

    13-Keynote - Windows Phone 7

    14-Designing Great Mobile Apps with WP7 and

    15-jQuery - The way JavaScript should

    16-Model View View-Model Pattern

    18-Design with

    19-Keynote - Visual Studio

    1-Keynote - Clean Code - Craftsmanship and

    20-Next Generation of Automated

    21-Patterns of Healthy Teams using Visual Studio and

    2-Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection

    3-Preserving Software Assets Across UI

    4-Understanding Users' Needs - The Quadrant of

    5-Parallel Programming with Design Patterns and

    7-Keynote - Cloud Computing Challenges and

    8-REST, it's more than

    9-Designing Applications for

    w1-Workshop - Enterprise

    w2-Workshop -

    w3-Workshop - Windows Azure

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      These are zip files for each individual session and workshop from the patterns & practices Symposium held in Redmond, WA, USA in October 2010. The zip file contains PPT and sample code.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 7

    • Unzip into a location of your choice and examine contents.
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