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    To cut costs, Datatune moved from an onsite Exchange Server environment to Google Apps. What the firm saved in costs, it lost in efficiency due to the unfamiliar interface and slower performance.
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        Based in Seattle, Washington, Datatune is a small business software development firm that serves information-driven companies. After 10 years of running Microsoft® Exchange Server onsite, Datatune moved to Google Apps to cut costs. Productivity diminished as users struggled with navigating the unfamiliar interface and had difficulty managing their schedules without the calendaring features of Microsoft Outlook to which they were accustomed. A year later when LINK Conference Service, a communications solutions provider, presented the Business Productivity Online Suite from Microsoft Online Services, Datatune did not hesitate to sign up. With Microsoft Exchange Online and the familiar Outlook client software, Datatune gains an enterprise-class communications solution for a low monthly fee and without the expense or effort of maintaining an on-premise e-mail infrastructure.
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