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    Windows Activation in a Development Environment

    This document provides guidance for activating Windows client in development and test environments. Retail, OEM and volume activation methods and scenarios are addressed.
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        Development and test environments are typically complex and dynamic. Systems are built and torn down frequently, software is installed and uninstalled routinely, and isolation from other organizational systems restricts the use of useful IT services and resources. This document provides insights and recommendations to infrastructure architects and decision makers that will minimize the impact that Windows operating system activation has on your already complex development or test environment. The document begins by providing a high level view into relevant Windows Activation Technologies policies and tools, including the relationship between Windows activation and Windows licensing; then introduces five key principles that should guide your Windows activation planning; and finally concludes with recommendations for activating Windows operating systems under several common development environment scenarios. The document uses the term development to encompass a variety of non-production environments, including test labs, application compatibility testing, software pilot programs, etc.
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      Windows 7, Windows Vista

        Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista Windows 7
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