Microsoft Pre-Release Software WinFX Runtime Components - December Community Technology Preview (CTP)

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Microsoft has provided a version of the WinFX Runtime Components for the general public.
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      "Windows Presentation Foundation", "Windows Communication Foundation", and "Windows Workflow Foundation" are the names for three strategic developer technologies that Microsoft plans to ship in 2006 as part of the Windows Vista operating system. In addition, Microsoft is making these technologies available on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The WinFX Runtime Components December CTP enables developers to continue experimenting with early builds of these technologies, get acquainted with the development experience, and provide Microsoft with feedback. More details about these technologies are below.

      Note: This is a pre-beta release. Therefore, do not install these builds on machines you depend on. If you have a previous version of Avalon ("Windows Presentation Foundation"), Indigo ("Windows Communication Foundation"), or pre-released versions of .NET Framework 2.0 installed you must read this before download.

      "Windows Communication Foundation" is the name for Microsoft’s unified programming model for building connected systems, formerly known as code-name "Indigo". It extends the .NET Framework 2.0 with additional APIs for building secure, reliable, transacted Web services that interoperate with non-Microsoft platforms and integrate with existing investments. By combining the functionality of existing Microsoft distributed application technologies (ASMX, .NET Remoting, .NET Enterprise Services, Web Services Enhancements, and System.Messaging), Indigo delivers a single development framework that improves developer productivity and reduces organizations’ time to market.

      "Windows Presentation Foundation" is the name for Microsoft's unified presentation subsystem for Windows, formerly known as "Avalon". It consists of a display engine and a managed-code framework. "Windows Presentation Foundation" unifies how Windows creates, displays, and manipulates documents, media, and user interface. This enables developers and designers to create visually-stunning, differentiated user experiences that improve customer connection. When delivered, "Windows Presentation Foundation" will become Microsoft's strategic user interface (UI) technology.

      "Windows Workflow Foundation" is the name for Microsoft's strategic programming model for building workflow enabled applications. It consists of a managed-code framework and designers for Visual Studio .NET. Windows Workflow Foundation includes both system workflow and human workflow. It supports a wide range of scenarios including: workflow within line of business applications, page-flow, document-centric workflow, workflow for service oriented applications and workflow for systems management. The Windows Workflow Foundation developer experience is consistent with existing WinFX technologies and includes support for VB and C#, debugging, a graphical workflow designer and the ability to write your workflow completely in code. Windows Workflow Foundation also provides an extensible model and designer to build custom activities which encapsulate workflow functionality for end-users or for re-use across multiple projects. Windows Workflow Foundation will be used across many future Microsoft products including Office “12”, BizTalk Server and the Microsoft Business Solutions. Most applications can benefit from the asynchronous state management features of the workflow model, the rapid development features of the designer, the potential for end-user flexibility, and the increased visibility into run-time code execution.

      To start the installation process, you will need to run the download file; this will initiate the installation of the WinFX Runtime Components December CTP; If you have troubles with the download manager, you can download the entire package for x86 or for x64 which are both .EXE files.

      This CTP release supports Visual Studio 2005 RTM and the .NET Framework 2.0 RTM.  The Microsoft® WinFX® SDK contains documentation, samples, and tools designed to help you develop managed applications and libraries using WinFX. You can install the SDK that corresponds to this release here.
  • Supported Operating System

    Longhorn (Windows Code Name), Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 2

    • Installing the WinFX Runtime Components - December CTP;
      To start the installation process, you will need to run the download file; this will initiate the installation of the WinFX Runtime Components December CTP; If you have troubles with the download manager, you can download the entire package for x86 or for x64 which are both .EXE files.
    • Additional Language Support:

      If you are targeting a non-English platform or if you wish to view WinFX resources in a different language, you can download the appropriate language version of the WinFX language pack. For this December CTP language packs are available in German and Japanese.

      Please also note - winfxsetup.exe is the core bit that is required on all platforms, all languages. When executed it will display in the language that matches the user language setting. For example, if you have your machine user language set to Japanese as the default, then the setup will show in Japanese. If you are working in a language other than English, Japanese, or German, you will see setup in Japanese. This is a known issue that is being addressed. Operating systems in languages other than English, Japanese, and German are not supported at this time.

      Beachten Sie ebenfalls: winfxsetup.exe ist das Kernstück, das auf allen Plattformen und bei allen Sprachen erforderlich ist. Bei der Ausführung dieser Datei wird die Sprache angezeigt, die der Spracheinstellung des Benutzers entspricht. Wenn als Benutzersprache auf dem Computer beispielsweise Deutsch als Standard festgelegt ist, wird das Setup auf Deutsch angezeigt. Wenn Sie in einer anderen Sprache als Englisch, Japanisch oder Deutsch arbeiten, wird das Setup auf Japanisch angezeigt. Dieser Fehler ist bekannt, und es wird an der Behebung gearbeitet.

      Remarque - winfxsetup.exe est requis sur toutes les plateformes et pour toutes les langues. Lorsqu'il est exécuté, la langue qui s'affiche est celle qui correspond au paramètre de langue de l'utilisateur. Par exemple, si l'allemand est la langue par défaut définie sur votre machine, le programme d'installation s'affichera en allemand. Si vous utilisez une langue autre que l'anglais, le japonais ou l'allemand, vous verrez le programme d'installation en japonais. Le problème est connu et est en train d'être traité.

      Nota adicional: winfxsetup.exe es un pequeño componente principal, obligatorio en todas las plataformas y todos los idiomas. Cuando se ejecute, aparecerá en el idioma que corresponda a la configuración de idioma. Por ejemplo, si el idioma de usuario de la máquina que se ha establecido como predeterminado es el alemán, el programa de instalación se mostrará en alemán. Si utiliza otro idioma distinto del inglés, el japonés o el alemán, el programa de instalación aparecerá en japonés. Se trata de un problema conocido que se está intentando solucionar.

      Nota: winfxsetup.exe è il bit di base richiesto su tutte le piattaforme, in tutte le lingue. Quando lo si esegue, viene visualizzato nella lingua corrispondente all'impostazione utente della lingua. Ad esempio, se la lingua predefinita impostata sulla propria macchina è il tedesco, l'installazione verrà avviata in tale lingua. Se si utilizzano lingue diverse da inglese, giapponese o tedesco, l'installazione verrà avviata in giapponese. Si tratta di un problema noto in fase di risoluzione.

      メモ - winfxsetup.exe はすべての言語およびプラットフォーム上で必要なコア ビットです。実行されると、ユーザーの言語設定に一致する言語で表示されます。たとえばユーザーのコンピュータの言語にドイツ語が既定として設定されている場合、セットアップはドイツ語で表示されます。英語、日本語、またはドイツ語以外の言語で作業する場合、日本語のセットアップが表示されます。これは対応中の既知の問題です。

      請同時注意 - winfxsetup.exe 是所有語言及平台上都需要的核心部分。winfxsetup.exe 執行時顯示的語言,會因使用者語言設定而異。例如,如果電腦的預設使用者語言為德文,便會以德文顯示安裝程式。但是,如果使用者預設語言不是英文、日文或德文,則會以日文顯示安裝程式;這是個已知而且正在處理的問題。

      另请注意 - winfxsetup.exe 是在使用任何平台和语言时都必需的核心部分。执行后,它的显示语言将与用户的语言设置相匹配。例如,如果用户将计算机的默认用户语言设置为“德语”,则该安装程序将以德语显示。如果用户使用英语、日语和德语以外的语言,则将看到日语的安装程序。这是一个正在解决的已知问题。

      참고 – winfxsetup.exe는 모든 플랫폼 및 언어에 대해 필수적인 핵심 구성 요소입니다. 이 파일을 실행하면 사용자 언어 설정과 일치하는 언어로 설치가 진행됩니다. 예를 들어 컴퓨터의 사용자 언어 기본 설정이 독일어로 설정되어 있는 경우 독일어로 설치가 진행됩니다. 영어, 일본어 또는 독일어 이외의 언어가 기본 언어로 설정되어 있는 경우에는 설치가 일본어로 진행됩니다. 이것은 알려진 문제이며 해결하고 있는 중입니다.

      Bemærk også, at winfxsetup.exe er den kernedel, der er krævet på alle platforme og på alle sprog. Når filen køres, vises den på det sprog, der svarer til brugerens sprogindstillinger. Hvis sproget på din computer f.eks. er tysk som standard, vises installationsprogrammet på tysk. Hvis du har valgt et andet sprog end engelsk, japansk eller tysk, vises installationsprogrammet på japansk. Dette er et kendt problem, der er ved at blive løst.

      Belangrijke mededeling - winfxsetup.exe is het kernonderdeel dat vereist is voor alle platforms en alle talen. Als dit bestand wordt uitgevoerd, wordt het weergegeven in dezelfde taal als in de gebruikersinstellingen is gedefinieerd. Als Duits als standaardtaal is ingesteld op uw computer, wordt de Duitse versie van de Setup weergegeven. Als u met een andere taal dan Engels, Japans of Duits werkt, verschijnt een Japanse versie van de Setup. We zijn op de hoogte van dit probleem en we werken hard aan een oplossing.

      Observe também o seguinte: o winfxsetup.exe é o elemento básico necessário em todas as plataformas e idiomas. Quando executado, é exibido no idioma correspondente à configuração do usuário. Por exemplo, se o idioma de usuário padrão da sua máquina estiver definido como alemão, o programa de instalação será mostrado em alemão. Se você estiver trabalhando em um idioma que não seja inglês, japonês ou alemão, a instalação aparecerá em japonês. Trata-se de um problema conhecido que está sendo devidamente analisado.

      Tenha também em atenção - o winfxsetup.exe é o bit principal necessário em todas as plataformas, em todos os idiomas. Quando executado, vai ser apresentado no idioma que corresponde à definição de idioma do utilizador. Por exemplo, se tiver o idioma de utilizador do computador predefinido para alemão, então o programa de configuração vai ser apresentado em alemão. Se estiver a trabalhar num idioma que não o inglês, japonês ou alemão, vai visualizar o programa de configuração em japonês. Trata-se de um problema conhecido que já está a ser solucionado.

      Obs! Winfxsetup.exe er kjernedelen, og kreves for alle plattformer og alle språk. Når den kjøres, vises den på språket som samsvarer med brukerens språkinnstilling. Hvis du for eksempel har angitt brukerspråket på maskinen til tysk som standard, vil installasjonsprogrammet vises på tysk. Hvis du arbeider på et annet språk enn engelsk, japansk eller tysk, vil du se installasjonsprogrammet på japansk. Dette er et kjent problem som det arbeides med.

      Huomaa myös - Winfxsetup.exe on kaikissa ympäristöissä ja kaikissa kieliversioissa tarvittava ydinosa. Suoritettaessa se näkyy käyttäjän kieliasetuksia vastaavalla kielellä. Jos tietokoneen kielenä on esimerkiksi saksa, asennusohjelma näkyy saksankielisenä. Jos käytössä on jokin muu kieli kuin englanti, japani tai saksa, asennusohjelma näkyy japaninkielisenä. Ongelma on havaittu, ja sitä tutkitaan.

      Należy również pamiętać, że plik winfxsetup.exe jest podstawowym elementem wymaganym przez wszystkie platformy i języki. Podczas uruchamiania tego pliku jest on wyświetlany w języku odpowiadającym ustawieniom języka użytkownika. Jeżeli na przykład język niemiecki jest ustawiony na komputerze jako język użytkownika, Instalator będzie wyświetlany w tym języku. W przypadku korzystania z języka innego niż angielski, japoński lub niemiecki Instalator będzie wyświetlany w języku japońskim. To jest znany problem, nad którego rozwiązaniem trwają obecnie prace.

      Obs! – winfxsetup.exe är huvudkomponenten som krävs för alla plattformar och språk. När den körs visas den på det språk som matchar användarens språkinställningar. Om du till exempel har tyska inställt som användarspråk så visas installationsprogrammet på tyska. Om du arbetar på ett annat språk än engelska, japanska eller tyska så visas installationsprogrammet på japanska. Vi är medvetna om det här problemet och arbetar för att lösa det.

      Примечание. Файл winfxsetup.exe – основной компонент, необходимый для всех платформ и всех языков. При выполнении этот файл отображается на языке, указанном пользователем в языковых настройках. Например, если на компьютере в качестве языка, используемого по умолчанию, установлен немецкий язык, то программа установки будет представлена на немецком языке. Если вы работаете не с английским, японским или немецким языком, установка будет выполнена на японском языке. Это известная проблема, над которой в данный момент работают.

      Další upozornění - winfxsetup.exe je základní součást vyžadovaná pro všechny platformy a jazyky. Při spuštění zobrazí jazyk odpovídající uživatelskému nastavení jazyka. Pokud je například v počítači nastavena jako výchozí uživatelský jazyk němčina, zobrazí se instalace v němčině. Jestliže pracujete v jiném jazyce než v angličtině, japonštině či němčině, instalace se zobrazí v japonštině. Jedná se o známý problém, který se nyní řeší.

      Lütfen dikkat - winfxsetup.exe tüm platformlarda ve tüm dillerde gerekli olan çekirdek bit’tir. Bu yürütülebilir dosya çalıştırıldığında kullanıcı dili ayarlarıyla eşleşen dilde görüntülenir. Örneğin, bilgisayarınızın kullanıcı dili varsayılan olarak Almanca’ya ayarlanmışsa, kurulum Almanca olarak görüntülenir. İngilizce, Japonca veya Almanca haricinde bir dille çalışıyorsanız, kurulumu Japonca olarak görürsünüz. Bu, çözüm getirilmeye çalışılan, bilinen bir sorundur.

      További megjegyzés: a winfxsetup.exe fájl az a központi magprogram, amely minden platformon és minden nyelvhez szükséges. Végrehajtásakor ez a program a felhasználó nyelvi beállításának megfelelő nyelven jelenik meg. Ha például a német nyelv az alapértelmezett felhasználói beállítás a számítógépen, akkor a telepítő is német nyelven lesz látható. Ha az angol, a japán és a német nyelvtől eltérő nyelvű rendszeren dolgozik, akkor a telepítő japán nyelven jelenik meg. Ez egy ismert probléma, amelynek elhárításán már dolgoznak.

      Σημειώστε επίσης – το winfxsetup.exe είναι το τμήμα πυρήνα που απαιτείται σε όλες τις πλατφόρμες και για όλες τις γλώσσες. Όταν το εκτελέσετε, θα εμφανιστεί στη γλώσσα που αντιστοιχεί στη ρύθμιση γλώσσας του περιβάλλοντος εργασίας σας. Για παράδειγμα, αν η γλώσσα του περιβάλλοντος εργασίας του συστήματός σας είναι τα Γερμανικά από προεπιλογή, τότε το πρόγραμμα εγκατάστασης θα εμφανιστεί στα Γερμανικά. Αν εργάζεστε σε μια γλώσσα εκτός των Αγγλικών, Ιαπωνικών ή Γερμανικών, θα δείτε τις οθόνες εγκατάστασης στα Ιαπωνικά. Πρόκειται για γνωστό θέμα, το οποίο εξετάζουμε για να επιλύσουμε.
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