Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Fax Server Management Pack for Microsoft OpsMgr 2005

The Fax Server Management Pack monitors fax servers and their availability.
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      The Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Fax Server Management Pack monitors the performance and availability of the Windows Server 2008 version of Fax Server. By detecting, alerting on, and automatically responding to critical events and performance indicators, this Management Pack helps indicate, correct, and prevent possible Fax Server related service outages. The Windows Server 2008 Fax Server Management Pack helps ensure that your Fax Server components are available and working correctly.

      Feature Summary
      The Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Fax Server Management Pack provides availability and monitoring scenarios for Windows Server 2008 version of Fax Server. Examples include:
      • Availability of fax servers

      • Alerts indicating configuration issues

      • Events indicating service outages

      • Health states of all configured fax servers

      • Notifications for failures due to issues with routing, configuration, queues, logging and devices.

      • Detailed instructions for resolving issues with the fax service.

      Release History
      • 8/4/2008 - Original release, version 1.00.0000.0000

  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2008

      • Required Software: Operations Manager 2005

    • Importing the Management Pack
      After you download the management pack files, import the management pack into Operations Manager 2005.
      1. In the MOM Administrator Console, right-click Management Packs, and click Import/Export Management Pack.

      2. The Import/Export Management Pack Wizard opens.
      3. Click Next.

      4. Click Import Management Packs, and then click Next.

      5. Type the path to the management pack, or browse to the folder.

      6. Click Import management packs only, and then click Next.

      7. Select the Fax Server Management Pack.

      8. To complete the wizard:

        • Select Update existing Management Pack or Replace Management Pack.

        • If this is a clean installation of the management pack, clear the Backup existing Management Pack check box.

        • Click Next.

      9. Click Finish.

      10. If you need to install additional management packs, repeat steps 1 through 8 for each management pack.

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