Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Test Kit

Tests and Tools for testing Windows CE 5.0
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      This kit is a collection of tests and tools that can be used to help verify the stability, reliability, and quality of a platform or device running Windows CE 5.0. This download is intended to be used on systems where Windows CE 5.0 is not installed; however, it is the same kit as the one included in the Windows CE 5.0 product and is used in the same way. Most tests will focus around device drivers, however there are 3 new BSP level tests in this version, which you find under the OAL Category.

      There are also the following diagnostic tools available in the kit:
      1. Application Verifier: Memory leak detection tool
      2. CPUMon: CPU monitoring tool
      3. Stress: Device and OS stressing tool

  • Supported Operating System

    Windows CE, Windows XP

      Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1
      Before attempting a download, verify your Internet Explorer disk space setting for Temporary Internet Files is 200 MB or larger. To adjust this setting, open the IE browser, click on "Tools", then "Internet Options". Under the section labeled "Temporary Internet Files", select "Settings".

      If you face an installation failure, you may need to clear the Internet Explorer (IE) Temporary Internet Files because files needed for installation may have been corrupted during download. Clear the Temporary Internet Files in IE and restart the download. To clear the Temporary Internet Files, open the IE browser, click on Tools, then Internet Options. Under the section labeled Temporary Internet Files, select Delete Files.

  • Additional Information
      This download is intended to be used on systems where Windows CE 5.0 is not installed. Windows CE 5.0 contains the same kit and can be used in the same exact way.
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