Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 Performance and Sizing Guide

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The Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 Performance and Sizing Guide provides test results to help you predict and plan for important performance and sizing metrics for your MOM-specific environment. This guide also provides a summary of the significant performance gains in MOM 2005, compared to MOM 2000.
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      An accurate analysis of the performance and sizing of the hardware systems that support Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 is critical to the successful implementation of MOM 2005. This technical paper shares some of the knowledge gained from the performance and sizing testing for MOM 2005, and is presented in various scenarios.
      The test results presented in this paper do not represent nor are they meant to define an absolute system configuration for any number of managed computers. Rather, use the findings in this paper and the MOM 2005 Management Sizer as a starting point to help you to determine the appropriate performance and sizing considerations for MOM 2005 in your specific environment.
      For more information on deployment planning, see the Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Deployment Planning Guide. For more information about deployment scenarios, see the Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Deployment Guide. These guides can be found at
      Specifically, this paper answers questions such as:
      • How large must the management server be in terms of hardware resources?
      • How large is the overall footprint of MOM 2005?
      • How large should the MOM 2005 database be?
      • What system requirements are needed to run MOM 2005 effectively?
      • What is the expected disk activity on the MOM 2005 database and database server?
      • What is the expected CPU usage of the MOM 2005 agent on a managed computer?
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