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    TaskVision Server

    Install Program for TaskVision Server Application
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        TaskVision ( is a sample smart client task management application built using the Windows Forms classes of the Microsoft® .NET Framework -- an integral Windows® component that supports building and running the next generation of applications and XML Web services. TaskVision allows authenticated users to view, modify, and add projects and tasks that are shared with other users. It may be used in any number of scenarios – from bug tracking to managing work orders or customer service requests. Its primary purpose is to provide quality, sample source code to developers interested in building smart client applications and XML Web services using the .NET Framework.
        This download will install the TaskVision database, XML Web services, and client update on your machine, enabling you to run your own TaskVision server instead of using the publicly available XML Web services and database.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

        Minimum Requirements:
        - Windows 2000/XP or above
        - Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0
        - Microsoft SQL Server 2000
      • Before installation, ensure that the following conditions have been met:
        - You have administrator privileges on the local computer.
        - The SQL Server default instance is named “local” (this is installed by default) and that your Windows account has SQL Server administrator privileges for the database using integrated security.
        - The ASP.NET file extensions (.aspx and .asmx) must be registered with Internet Information Services (IIS). (In the case that IIS was installed after the .NET Framework was installed, you must run the following application “C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\aspnet_regiis.exe –i”.)
        - Finally, ensure that both the SQL Server and IIS services are running.
        Download and install (execute) the MSI.
      • Follow these instructions if you have installed the TaskVision client application and wish to have it run using this instance of the server instead of the publicly available XML Web services and database. Once this MSI installs the XML Web services, update Web site, and database, please navigate to the directory containing the TaskVision client application (installed via the TaskVision Client v1.0 MSI) and edit the TaskVision.exe.config file to point to the server URLs as shown below. (This file can be found in the “” and, if applicable, “” sub-directories.)
        Note: in the example below, we use “localhost” as the server – this is appropriate if both the client and server applications run on the same machine. If the server is running on the separate machine from the client, use that machine’s URL in place of “localhost.” If the server is running on a separate machine from the client, you’ll need to make this same change on the TaskVision.exe.config file located in the TaskVision Server directory, under “TaskVisionUpdates\”

        <!-- User application and configured property settings go here.-->
        <!-- Example: <add key="settingName" value="settingValue"/> -->
        <add key="AppUpdater1.UpdateUrl" value="http://localhost/taskvisionupdates/updateversion.xml"/>
        <add key="TaskVision.AuthWS.AuthService" value="http://localhost/taskvisionws/authservice.asmx"/>
        <add key="TaskVision.DataWS.DataService" value="http://localhost/taskvisionws/dataservice.asmx"/>

        If you wish to have your Pocket TaskVision client applications use this server, please make the same URL change in the Location field of the application’s Settings tab. By default, this field points to the public demo server at