Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010

This guidance provides technical information about key areas of SharePoint 2010 application development. It contains a written guide, reference implementations with source code and documentation, and a library of reusable source code components.
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      Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010 contains guidance documentation, detailed examples, and a reusable class library. These resources are designed to help solution developers and architects make the right decisions and follow proven practices when designing and developing applications for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010. The guidance focuses on the building blocks that every developer needs to understand to become an effective SharePoint developer or architect. The guide is provided as a Help (.chm) file and has four core areas: application foundations, execution models, data models, and client models. Eight reference implementations illustrate the core concepts covered in the guide. The reusable class library provides code to help developers build more manageable, flexible, and testable applications. Source code is provided for all reference implementations and for the reusable library. The reference implementations have automated setup scripts to configure the applications.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2

      1. Click the ‘Download’ link to start the download.
      2. Save the file on your hard drive.
      3. The samples are packaged as a self-extractable zip file. Click the file to start the extraction. You will have to accept the End User Licensing Agreement to proceed.
      4. After you accept the license, the files will be extracted to a location that you choose.
      Each reference implementation has its own Visual Studio solution that will open all relevant projects. A readme.txt in the solution directory explains how to install the reference implementation. Most steps are automated. The SharePoint Guidance Library has its own Visual Studio solution. All source code and all unit tests are provided. You must install Microsoft Moles to run the unit tests.
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