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    2007 Office System Video: Enterprise Project Management

    Download this series of developer-oriented videos to view conference breakout sessions about Project 2007 and enterprise project management.
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        The Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006 featured more than 60 breakout sessions organized in eight technical tracks. In this track, Project 2007 introduces a new, rich server-based interface built upon the common Windows SharePoint Services platform. This download presents videos of the following conference sessions:

        • PJ301 - Building Project Server 2007 Reporting Applications (PJ301_Souza.wmv)

        • PJ302 - Programming with Project Server 2007 (PJ302_Bhatawdekar.wmv)

        • PJ303 - Project Server 2007: Architecture Overview (PJ303_Duff_GanapathyRaj.wmv)

        • PJ304 - Project Server 2007: Adding Project Management Smarts to Your Applications by using Project Server (PJ304_Bhatawdekar.wmv)

        To view all eight technical tracks and 63 breakout sessions, please visit the Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006 portal on the MSDN Office Developer Center.
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      Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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          • 2007 Microsoft Office System
          • Microsoft Office Project 2007
          • Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

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