Windows Vista Step-by-Step Guides for IT Professionals

These step-by-step guides provide instructions for deploying or migrating to Windows Vista, and various management tasks.
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    Deploying Vista Step by Step Guide.doc

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    HTTP.sys Manageability in Windows Vista and Longhorn Server.doc

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    Managing Group Policy ADMX Files Step by Step Guide.doc

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    Managing Roaming User Data Deployment Guide.doc

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    Netsh Commands for Wired Local Area Network (LAN).doc

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    Netsh Commands for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).doc

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    Step by Step Guide to Controlling Device Installation and Usage with Group Policy.doc

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    Step-By-Step Guide to Device Driver Signing and Staging.doc

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    Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Multiple Local Group Policy.doc

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    Windows Vista Migration Step by Step Guide.doc

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    Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface Step by Step Guide.doc

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    Windows Vista Speech Recognition Step by Step.doc

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    Windows Vista Windows Meeting Space Step by Step Guide.doc

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    Winlogon Notification Packages Removed Impact on Windows Vista Planning and Deployment.doc

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      These step-by-step guides will assist IT Professionals in deploying or migrating to Windows Vista and in managing Windows Vista. These step-by-step guides include information on device installation and management, Netsh commands, multilingual user interface, speech recognition, HTTP.sys manageability, managing roaming user data, and also information on other subjects.

      These guides are downloadable versions of the guides found in the Windows Vista Technical Library. (
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