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    Fabrikam Fine Furniture: InkNumber Component

    This sample code demonstrates how to write your own custom component to collect, recognize, format, and validate data on a Tablet PC using masked ink input fields.
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        This article and sample code provide an example of how to write a custom control for use in Windows Forms that can be called by your solutions instead of the Tablet PC Input Panel. The sample code creates a component called InkNumber that combines a text box, a pop-up form, and fine-tuned ink collectors to demonstrate how to develop a cell-based ink input control, perform simple recognition on a character-by-character basis coerce recognition of strokes by using word lists and factoids, and provide a simple and elegant user experience for Tablet PC neophyte users.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

        Tablet PC SDK v 1.7
      • Save the file to your computer, and then double click the application to start the installation.