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    Windows white paper: Software Update for Web Folders

    This white paper outlines the procedures and describes the interfaces you can use to extend Web Folders if you have the Software Update for Web Folders installed.
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        This whitepaper discusses the following topics:

        • How to: Register Your Namespace Extension so Web Folders Recognizes Your Particular Server Type

        • How to: Make Your Application Load a Particular Version of WEC

        • How to: Set the Temporary Files Location for Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing services Running Under Service Accounts

        • How to: Set the Expiration Time for Double-Download Optimization When Talking to WEC Servers

        • New Flags Added to the IScopeOperations Interface in Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing

        • The OLEDB for Internet Publishing RootBinder Implementation

        • IWebFolderForms Interface

        • IMsoNSApi Interface

        • IMsoNSIdentity Interface
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

        This download works with the previously mentioned operating systems.
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