Block Compression Smorgasbord (UK)

Presentation from Gamefest Europe 2010
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      DXT style block compression has become a de facto standard for most textures in games. We will cover several topics of recent interest in this area: 1. Fast block compression. With some optimization effort, realtime block compression is feasible, on either the CPU or the GPU. Real-time compression opens up a host of possibilities for disk space reduction and dynamic texture updates. 2. Normal map compression. Block compression was designed for color data but adapted for use with normal maps. The results are not always pretty. What usage patterns should be favored, or avoided, in this context? 3. New block compression formats. DirectX 11 introduced two brand new formats: BC6H for HDR textures and BC7 for high quality LDR textures. We discuss how and when these formats should be employed, and how to handle the enormous search space for compression.
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