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    Project Server 2003: Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Packs

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    Microsoft Project Server 2003 supports use by multilingual and multinational companies with a language plug-in called the Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI Pack).
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        Microsoft® Office Project Server 2003 supports use by multilingual and multinational companies with a language plug-in called the Multilanguage User Interface Pack (MUI Pack). To add language support after you have finished installing Project Server, simply install the MUI Pack for the language you want to add.

        MUI Packs for Project Server can only be installed on a computer that already has Project Server installed. The following MUI Packs are available for Project Server:

        • Brazilian Portuguese (PSMUIPTB.exe)

        • Chinese (Simplified) (PSMUICHS.exe)

        • Chinese (Traditional) (PSMUITCH.exe)

        • Czech (PSMUICSY.exe)

        • Danish (PSMUIDAN.exe)

        • Dutch (PSMUINLD.exe)

        • Finnish (PSMUIFIN.exe)

        • French (PSMUIFRA.exe)

        • German (PSMUIGER.exe)

        • Greek (PSMUIELL.exe)

        • Hebrew (PSMUIHEB.exe)

        • Hungarian (PSMUIHUN.exe)

        • Italian (PSMUIITA.exe)

        • Japanese (PSMUIJPN.exe)

        • Korean (PSMUIKOR.exe)

        • Norwegian (PSMUINOR.exe)

        • Polish (PSMUIPLK.exe)

        • Portuguese (PSMUIPTG.exe)

        • Russian (PSMUIRUS.exe)

        • Spanish (PSMUISPA.exe)

        • Swedish (PSMUISWE.exe)

        • Turkish (PSMUITRK.exe)

    • Supported Operating System

      Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

        • This download works with the following applications:
          • Microsoft Project Server 2003
      • After you install Project Server 2003 (which sets your primary language), determine the additional languages that your organization needs to make available to its users. Apply these languages to Project Server 2003 by installing the appropriate MUI Pack. The MUI Packs for Project Server 2003 are available from the Microsoft Download Center. Twenty-two languages are available. The MUI Pack for Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 is available through Microsoft licensing programs. Some users will need to install the language upgrades for Microsoft Internet Explorer in order to take advantage of the full multilingual capabilities of Project Web Access.

        If Project Server 2003 has more than one MUI Pack installed, users can choose the language for their notification and reminder e-mails. This option is available in the Subscribe to Notifications and Reminders page on the Project Web Access home page.

        Note: The data in an e-mail message remains in the language in which the message was originally created.

        The Project Server MUI Pack Setup program installs features that allow you to change the language of the following:
        • The user interface

        • Help

        • User interface fonts (Asian languages and Hebrew)

        Project Web Access detects a user's Internet Explorer language setting. If the language pack for that language is installed on Project Server 2003, Project Web Access displays the user interface in that language. If you install a localized version of Project Server 2003, the default language setting for Project Web Access is the same language. All localized versions of Project Server 2003 contain an English version as well, so that you can change the language settings to English. For example, if you want to view Project Web Access in Korean, and the Korean MUI Pack is installed on Project Server 2003, you can view the Project Web Access user interface in Korean. If Korean is unavailable, Project Web Access displays the user interface in the Project Server installation language or in English.

        To install a Project Server 2003 MUI Pack:

        1. Ensure that the server that you are installing the Project Server 2003 MUI Pack to supports the language for which you want to install the language pack.

        2. Download the file name listed below for the language pack you want to install.

        3. Run the file to start the setup wizard, accept the EULA, and then follow the remaining steps to add language support to Project Server 2003.