Extending Xbox LIVE with the Xbox LIVE Server Platform

Presentation from GameFest 2008
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      Xbox LIVE is the premier online gaming and entertainment platform with over 10 million passionate users. Xbox LIVE provides a large number of built in services that you can include in your game, such as friends list, matchmaking, and leaderboards, but what if you want to create new and unique experiences that are specific to your title? The Xbox LIVE Server Platform (XLSP) enables you to extend the power of the Xbox LIVE service by allowing you to host your own title servers. Many premier titles have used XLSP, including Grand Theft Auto IV, Halo 3, and Forza 2, to create innovative server-based features that set them apart from the competition. This talk introduces attendees to the fundamentals of using XLSP to write your own extensions to Xbox LIVE. In addition, we discuss and show the upcoming enhancements to XLSP releasing this fall!
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