Microsoft® PixelSense™ Migration Power Toy.

Microsoft® PixelSense™ Migration Power Toy.
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    Surface 2.0 Migration Power Toy

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      Windows Presentation Framework 4.0 (WPF 4) has increased support for touch. Some of the new classes introduced in WPF 4 include TouchDevice and TouchPoint. Also, the UIElement implementation in WPF4 now supports manipulations. The Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK is consistent with the WPF 4 classes, so the Surface 2.0 APIs changed slightly from the Surface 1.0 APIs—primarily to keep consistent with WPF 4.

      Some developers want to take the applications they created with the Surface 1.0 SDK (including SP1 and/or SE release) and modify them so that they can also run on Windows Touch-enabled PCs. This source project and document explains the process of porting an application, and exposes a tool that will help you in the porting process.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 7

      Microsoft® Surface® Version 2.0 SDK
    • After downloading the .ZIP, extract all files and look for the SurfaceMigrationPowerToy.docx file. You can find a .docx viewer at, if needed.
    • Source Code Access The code is shared as “sample” code, as-is and unsupported , so the code is licensed under the terms of the Microsoft Limited Public License.
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