ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1 - Update 1

ADO.NET Entity Framework provides a strongly-typed LINQ data access experience over relational databases, including direct, efficient access to SQL Server.
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      ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1 introduces two new features:
      • The DbContext API is a simplified abstraction over ObjectContext and a number of other types that were included in previous releases of the ADO.NET Entity Framework. The DbContext API surface is optimized for common tasks and coding patterns.
      • Code First is a new development pattern for the ADO.NET Entity Framework and provides an alternative to the existing Database First and Model First patterns. Code First is focused around defining your model using C#/Visual Basic .NET classes, these classes can then be mapped to an existing database or be used to generate a database schema. Additional configuration can be supplied using Data Annotations or via a fluent API.

      Update 1 includes a small set of changes including:
      • Bug fix to remove the need to specify ‘Persist Security Info=True’ in the connection string when using SQL authentication. In the EF 4.1 release ‘Persist Security Info’ was required for Code First to be able to create a database for a connection using SQL Authentication. The update includes a fix to remove this requirement. Note that ‘Persist Security Info’ is still required if you construct a DbContext using a DbConnection instance that has already been opened and closed.
      • Introduction of new types to facilitate design-time tools for Code First. Update 1 introduces a set of types to make it easier for design time tools to interact with derived DbContexts:
        • DbContextInfo can be used to instantiate and interact with a derived context as well as determine information about the origin of the connection string etc..
        • IDbContextFactory is used to let DbContextInfo know how to construct derived DbContext types that do not expose a default constructor. If your context does not expose a default constructor then an implementation if IDbContextFactory should be included in the same assembly as your derived context type.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista

      Supported Architectures: x86; x64

      ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1 - Update 1 requires .NET Framework 4.0 RTM to be installed.
    • Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1 - Update 1 is subject to license terms that must be agreed to prior to use.

      Download and run EntityFramework41.exe