Defense Against the Dark Arts of Piracy and Cheating with Games for Windows – LIVE (US)

Gamefest 2011 Presentation
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      Piracy and cheating are two of the top concerns for PC game developers. Not only can piracy impact the profitability of your title, but cheating and hacking can drive away the game's community and additional sales. It is important to plan and implement security measures for PC games during design and development, rather than as a reaction after release. Games for Windows – LIVE provides a robust set of features to help protect your game and its community. Many of these features are flexible, and can be omitted or modified to best suit your game and community needs. Included are new features implemented from developer and customer feedback received since last year. There is better support for additional third-party protections and a more flexible activation solution, as well as new methods to leverage these features for different business models such as free-to-play or online focused. Learn how to leverage these features with little effort to protect your game, and why Games for Windows – LIVE provides the best solution over other platforms.
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