A Day in the Life: Sales

    See how Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps compare when completing several of the tasks required by a salesperson on a typical day.
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        What do Google Apps customers really experience? Let’s take the important example of trying to build business day-to-day. A busy account representative is juggling her workload to make time for a sales opportunity. First, with scarce time and key customer correspondence as her lifeblood, she is rattled by issues managing calendars and syncing Gmail. Later, having endured the frustration of building a presentation without the simple convenience of a spell checker, she is daunted in not being able to run through the presentation as she travels to the customer site with limited Wi-Fi access. Face to face with her client, she damages her credibility after using Google Apps again. It introduced formatting changes in printing handouts! The last thing this salesperson wants to work with is the glitchy environment Google delivers.
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