Migrating from Exchange Server 2010 in Hosting Mode to Exchange Server SP2

This white paper provides the recommended and supported path for migrating from an Exchange 2010 organization that was installed using the /hosting switch to Exchange 2010 SP2 installed without using the /hosting switch.
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      This document is intended for service providers, system integrators, and technical consultants who may be involved in the planning and implementation of a migration from Exchange 2010 in /Hosting mode to Exchange 2010 SP2. Microsoft does not support an in-place upgrade from Exchange 2010 /Hosting to Exchange Server 2010 SP2 installed without the /Hosting switch. The only supported scenario is to deploy Exchange Server 2010 SP2 into a new Active Directory forest, and then migrate user accounts, mailboxes, and other resources from the Exchange 2010 /Hosting forest to the new Exchange 2010 SP2 forest.

      The migration approach described in this document is a one-step migration of each tenant organization. A different methodology that would allow a gradual migration of a given customer organization (that is, coexistence) is not in scope for this guidance. The complexities and unique requirements that each service provider has for such things as directory synchronization, mail flow, and permissions delegation make it impractical to present a “one size fits all” solution for long-term coexistence.
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    Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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