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    Moving Applications to the Cloud, 3rd Edition - Book Download

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    Moving Applications to the Cloud, 3rd Edition - Book Download
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        This is a PDF file of the "Moving Applications to the Cloud, Third Edition" book.

        This guide is the third edition of the first volume in a series about Windows Azure. It demonstrates how you can adapt an existing on-premises ASP.NET application to one that operates in the cloud by introducing a fictitious company named Adatum that modifies its expense tracking and reimbursement system, aExpense, so that it can be deployed to Windows Azure. To illustrate the wide range of options and features in Windows Azure, this guide and the code examples available for it show a step-by-step migration process that includes using Windows Azure Web Sites, Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, and SQL Database. Together with useful information on developing, deploying, managing, and costing cloud-hosted applications, this guide provides you with a comprehensive resource for moving your applications to Window Azure.
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      Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012

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      • Note that the code samples mentioned in this book are available in the related downloads section, Windows Azure Architecture Guide – Part 1 – Code Samples. For help and support visit the Windows Azure Guidance community site