Microsoft IRM extension for PDF specification

Specification of the Microsoft PDF format extension to support Microsoft IRM protection
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    Microsoft IRM protection for PDF Specification (supplement to ISO 32000).pdf

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      Specification of the Microsoft extension to the PDF format to support Microsoft IRM protection. This is a Microsoft extension to the existing ISO 32000 standard that is publically available. The extension allows PDF documents to be encrypted by Microsoft IRM technology that is implemented by Microsoft's Active Directory Rights Management Server (a Windows Server role) as well as by Azure Active Directory Rights Management Services (that are available as part of the services that Office 365 tenants obtain). The RMS server role is available in Windows Server 2003, 2008 R2 and 2012. The RMS online service is available in Office 365 Plan E3 and E4. As of September 2012, this offering is available in the SharePoint 2012 as well as in Office 365 SharePoint online. The extension is also supported by the 3rd party Foxit PDF line of products.
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    Windows Home Server

      PDF compatible reader
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      This specification extension will help ISV's to understand how PDF documents can be protected using Microsoft IRM services

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