IIS Transform Manager 1.1 (RTW) - 64-bit

Runs encoding tasks to convert media files to on-demand Smooth Streams for Silverlight clients and Apple mobile digital devices.
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      IIS Transform Manager 1.1 is an extensible media transform engine that enables "watch folder" job submission, queuing, management, integrated media transcoding/container format repackaging, and batch-encryption of on-demand audio and video files. One example of a media transform is transcoding Windows Media-formatted and MP4-formatted files, or other encoder-supported file formats, to on-demand Smooth Streams for delivery to Smooth Streaming-compatible clients (such as Silverlight). Another example is repackaging Smooth Streaming fragments encoded with H.264 (AVC) video and AAC-LC audio codecs to MPEG-2 Transport Stream (MPEG-2 TS) segments for delivery to Apple® mobile digital devices. Transform Manager can be integrated with the IIS Smooth Streaming feature in IIS Media Services, which delivers the converted content.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2

      Prerequisites: The following additional prerequisites must be fulfilled to install IIS Transform Manager:
      • To manage the Transform Manager feature using the IIS Manager user interface, the IIS Management Console for IIS must be installed.
      • To manage the Transform Manager feature using the IIS Manager user interface, .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1) must be installed.
      • You must be an administrator on the computer. This can be accomplished by logging on to the computer using either the Administrator account or an account with administrative privileges.

      The default installation of Transform Manager includes a transcoding task that uses encoding presets that require the encoding profiles and Silverlight player templates provided by Microsoft® Expression Encoder 4 SP2. Because you can choose from a variety of encoding presets, be sure to install the edition of Expression Encoder 4 that meets your needs. H.264 encoding presets are only supported by Expression Encoder 4 Pro. VC-1 encoding presets are supported by Expression Encoder 4 Pro and by Expression Encoder 4, which is included in a free Trial version of Expression Studio 4. After you install your edition of Expression Encoder 4, install Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 with Service Pack 2 (SP2).

      Licensing: IIS Transform Manager is designed to work with other programs, such as programs that handle audio or video signals. It's solely your responsibility to ensure your compliance with any terms accompanying such other programs, and that you have obtained any necessary rights for your use of the programs.
    • Upgrading from a Previous Version of IIS Transform Manager
      Upgrading from previous versions of IIS Transform Manager to IIS Transform Manager 1.1 RTW is not supported. You must uninstall the previous version of the software before you can install the RTW version. In addition, you must also uninstall any Expression Encoder task packages that you downloaded from Microsoft Connect that worked with previous versions of Transform Manager before you can install the RTW version.
      To remove IIS Transform Manager, in Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, under Uninstall or change a program, click IIS Transform Manager 1.0 (Alpha or Beta), and then click Uninstall.

      Click the Download button on this page to start the download, then do one of the following:
      • To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.
      • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk.

      Installing this package requires full administrative permissions. This is best accomplished using one of the following methods:
      • Log on to your computer using the local "Administrator" account before installation.
      • Use the Command Prompt:
        • Copy the download to your computer (see above).
        • Log on to your computer using an account with administrator privileges.
        • Click the Windows Start button.
        • In the "Search for Programs and Features" box on the Start menu, type "Command Prompt"
        • Right-click on the Command Prompt program in the search results.
        • Select Run as administrator.
        • In the Command Prompt windows that opens, type the following command to run the installation:

              msiexec /i TransformManager_amd64.msi

      Note: The above steps are required because the User Account Control (UAC) security component in the Windows operating system will prevent the installation of IIS modules by non-administrators. For more information about UAC, see User Account Control.
      After installation is completed, IIS Transform Manager 1.1 features can be found in the IIS Manager user interface on your computer.