SharePoint Server 2010 Advanced IT Pro Training presentations

Collection of in-depth training presentations for SharePoint Server IT pros.
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      For IT professionals, SharePoint Server 2010 helps to drive productivity by offering an array of enhancements, scalable unified infrastructure, and flexible deployment options.
      These 20 presentations and their accompanying videos cover many areas of interest to IT pros.

      Core architecture
      • Understanding SharePoint 2010 Topology    SharePointTopology.pptx
        Learn about the new changes in the requirements and capabilities of SharePoint 2010 at the topology level, and the impact of these changes when designing a SharePoint 2010 farm environment.
      • Planning and Leveraging SharePoint 2010 Service Applications    LeveragingServiceApps.pptx
        Become familiar with the new service applications model, and understand how sites can leverage features and functionality provided by service applications.
      • Business Continuity Management Features in SharePoint 2010    FeaturesforBCM.pptx
        Understand the new features in SharePoint 2010 which can be leveraged in backup and restore, high availability within a farm, and disaster recovery across farm environments.
      • Using the New SharePoint 2010 Security Model - Part 1   SharePointSecurityPt1.pptx
        Learn about the new security roles, features, and functionality needed when securing a SharePoint 2010 server farm.
      • Using the New SharePoint 2010 Security Model - Part 2   SharePointSecurityPt2.pptx
        Learn about the new claims-based identity model available in SharePoint 2010.
      • Applying Updates in SharePoint 2010 Server Farm Environments   PatchingFarmEnvironments.pptx
        Become familiar with the new patching process for SharePoint 2010.
      • Managing SharePoint 2010 Customizations for the IT Pro   ManagingCustomizationsITPro.pptx
        Understand how to use solution packages and sandboxed solutions in SharePoint 2010.
      • IT Pro Tools for Customizing SharePoint 2010   ITProToolsforSharePoint.pptx
        Learn about the new ways you can use SharePoint Designer 2010, Visio, InfoPath, Access, and Visual Studio 2010 to customize SharePoint 2010.
      • SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Overview   UpgradeLearn.pptx
        Become familiar with the supported upgrade paths and considerations for upgrading to SharePoint 2010 from a previous version.
      • Preparing to Upgrade to SharePoint 2010   UpgradePrepare.pptx
        Understand different methods and practices to follow before the actual upgrade is performed.
      • Implementing and Validating Upgrade Plans for SharePoint 2010   UpgradeImplement.pptx
        Learn how to implement and validate a SharePoint 2010 upgrade strategy.
      • Testing Upgraded SharePoint 2010 Solutions   UpgradeValidate.pptx
        Understand the models for testing the chosen upgrade methods to find issues early.
      Enterprise search
      • Search Capabilities and Features in SharePoint 2010    SearchFeatures.pptx
        Understand the new SharePoint 2010 Search capabilities for SharePoint Search in addition to FAST Search.
      Content management
      • Document Management Capabilities and Features in SharePoint 2010    DocManageScenarios.pptx
        Become familiar with the new document management capabilities in SharePoint 2010, including document sets, Document Center, scalability, and interoperability services.
      • Records Management in SharePoint 2010   RecordsManagement.pptx
        Become familiar with the new records management capabilities in SharePoint 2010.
      • Governing Content Types, Policies, and Taxonomy Services in SharePoint 2010   CTandTaxonomy.pptx
        Understand managed metadata, managed keywords, term stores, managed metadata columns, and content type publication.
      Composite solutions
      • Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010   BCSinSharePoint2010.pptx
        Learn about the new BCS features in SharePoint 2010, including the external content types, External Data Web Parts, and external lists.
      • Using Social Capabilities in SharePoint 2010    SharePoint2010Social.pptx
        Understand the new social feedback, social network, user participation, and people and rxpertise finding capabilities in SharePoint 2010.
      Business Intelligence
      • Business Intelligence Features in SharePoint 2010   BIFeatures.pptx
        Become familiar with the new Excel Services features and functionality.
      • SharePoint Online Overview   ONLINE.pptx
        Learn about the different possibilities available for SharePoint Online: features, planning considerations, and different deployment options.
      All training presentations
      Download all 20 presentations, plus an index of titles, file names, and descriptions.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP

      Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, or the PowerPoint viewer
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