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    Technology Preview - Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Board Support Package, Boot Loader, and Kernel Startup Sequence

    The information in this article pertains only to the Windows CE 5.0 Technology Preview and beta release. An updated version of this article will be available in the MSDN Library when Windows CE 5.0 is available to the public.
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        Learn about the initial, low-level startup sequence and the hardware platform functions that are performed when the boot loader and OEM abstraction layer (OAL) are developed and the kernel is run. The startup sequence is an integral part of developing the OAL for a board support package (BSP), and the development process must be implemented correctly for initializing the CPU as well as on-chip and off-chip peripherals.

        The process described in this article is the minimum set of functions that need to be implemented. It might be necessary for user-defined functions to be implemented where appropriate, depending on the specific device and peripheral set you are developing. Although the startup sequence for the different hardware platform CPU architectures that Windows CE supports is very similar, for the sake of simplicity, this article discusses the ARM kernel startup sequence.
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