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    Group Policy Settings for Creating a Steady State

    Cross-references the settings in Windows SteadyState with comparable Group Policy settings.
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      September 2010

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      Group_Policy_Settings_for_Creating_a_Steady State.doc

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        Windows SteadyState does not support Windows 7; however, many of its features can be replicated by using native Windows 7 features and free tools from Microsoft. This document is intended primarily for IT pros who configure shared-computer access in business environments, but partners who support shared-computer access in schools, libraries, and Internet cafes will also find the information useful. The document set includes: • Creating a Steady State by Using Microsoft Technologies, which describes the native Windows 7 features and free tools from Microsoft that you can use to create a steady state on computers running Windows 7. • Group Policy Settings for Creating a Steady State (this document), which is a reference that describes Group Policy settings that you can use to configure computer and user settings and prevent users from changing those settings. • The SteadyState Reference worksheet (.xlsx file), which you can use to look up and filter settings that this document and the reference describe. For example, you can quickly find information about settings that are related to Start Menu restrictions.
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      Windows 7

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