Migrating Sybase Applications to SQL Server 7.0

    Get technical information on how to migrate Sybase applications, tables, and data to SQL Server 7.0. Also review differences between Sybase T-SQL and Microsoft Transact-SQL statements, administration, and architecture.
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        For Sybase database administrators and managers, the incentive to move to SQL Server 7.0 is great. SQL Server has a single, scalable code base for 100 percent application compatibility; exceptional tools for automating and scheduling routine tasks; dynamic self-management of memory and disk space; proven scalability and performance on very large databases; and efficient data warehouse development. This document outlines how to migrate a Sybase application to SQL Server 7.0. It also addresses such issues as the differences between Sybase T-SQL and Microsoft Transact-SQL statements and the differences in administrative procedures.
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      • Included in this document:

        • Reasons to migrate to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

        • Understanding the Migration Process

        • Reviewing Architectural Differences

        • Migrating Tables and Data

        • Reviewing Sybase T-SQL and Microsoft Transact-SQL Differences

        • Understanding Database Administration Differences

        • Migration Checklist