Digital Persona Password Manager 1.0

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    Download the software that goes with the Microsoft® fingerprint reader. You must install the DigitalPersona® Password Manager software for the fingerprint reader to work.
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        With the fingerprint reader, you can enjoy the convenience of logging on to Microsoft Windows, Web sites, and programs without typing a password. DigitalPersona Password Manager software also enables you to customize the features of your Microsoft® fingerprint reader. By using the DigitalPersona Password Manager software, you can show or hide the fingerprint reader icon on the taskbar. You can also specify the type of feedback you receive when you touch the fingerprint reader. For example, you can turn on sounds and animation to indicate fingerprint recognition
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows XP

        • Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Home Edition, Professional Edition, Tablet PC Edition, or Media Center Edition
        • Pentium 233 MHz or higher processor and 128 MB of RAM
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