Device Selection Tool for Microsoft Lync 2010

Online tool that helps Lync users find the best device based on their mobility and communication behaviours, and help IT decision makers rolling out Lync to select appropriate UC devices for their users.
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      The Device Selection Tool for Microsoft® Lync 2010 is an online, web-based tool that:
      • Recommend unified communications (UC) devices to end users based on their mobility and communication behaviors.
      • Help IT decision makers select appropriate UC devices for their users.

      The Lync Device Selection Tool provides simple syndication that lets an organization’s IT department host the tool on its intranet sites. End users answer a set of questions in a survey, which results in an output of recommended UC devices based on their responses. The output is presented in a printable HTML page.

      The output also is recorded in a database. A report generator produces a Microsoft Excel®-based report that IT decision makers can use to better understand the categories of end users and the devices that can best meet their UC needs.

      The tool is customizable (by editing SQL database), IT managers can eliminate devices that are not approved, customize the recommendation page to direct end users to internal sites with approved only vendors, or even to not display any recommendation, but capture data for the organization.

  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2

      The following prerequisites are required to run the installer for this application:
      • IIS7
      • SQL Server 2008
      • .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 installed on the system
      • Username and password of administrator account to run the MSI
      • All IIS features under Management Tools installed:
        • IIS Management Console
        • IIS Management Scripts and Tools
        • Management Service
        • IIS 6 Management Compatibility (and all underlying features)
      • Roles/Web Server (IIS)/Role Services/Application Development
        • ASP.NET
      • Roles/Web Server (IIS)/Role Services/Common HTTP Features
        • Static Content
    • Please refer to Lync Device Selection Tool Installation Guide_Final.doc for detailed instructions.