Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0 Evaluation Edition

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    This free evaluation software is a 120-day trial version of Windows CE 5.0, valid from the day of installation.
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        Interested in learning more about how Windows Embedded can shorten your product development cycle? Get your Windows Embedded Introductory Kit today.

        Here's what you get:
        • Downloadable software for Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded
        • Get the best of Devcon 2004, San Diego.
        • Makin’ it Real – Learn from developers and decision makers bringing products to market.
        • DevWire – Sign up for the monthly Windows Embedded newsletter to stay current on the latest Windows Embedded technical and business developments.
        • Links to Resources - Access to technical and business resources to help bring devices to market.

        Windows CE integrates reliable, real time capabilities with advanced Windows technologies to rapidly build a wide range of innovative, small-footprint devices. Jump-start your embedded development and deliver your device in record time with Windows CE 5.0. This evaluation software is a 120-day trial version of the full product, valid from the day of installation.

        This free, downloadable version of the Evaluation Edition allows you to easily access the tools and board support package applicable to your device design so you can begin evaluating Windows CE 5.0 today.

        Download times may vary based on the connection speed and the number of components selected. We recommend choosing a 1-3 CPU installation to ensure download success. Assuming a 600 Kbps download speed, below are estimated download times:

        • Tools-only installation: 30 minutes
        • 2-3 CPU installation: 2.5 hours
        • Full CPU installation: 10 hours


        This download includes Emulation Technology, which allows you to design and prototype platforms and applications for Windows CE using a Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional workstation without the need for hardware. Notes: To benchmark Windows CE, or evaluate all features of the product, you should target a physical hardware device using the Evaluation Kit or Full product version. The Emulator does not support all hardware, nor does it reflect the true performance of a device based on Windows CE.

        Shared Source for Windows CE 5.0 enables you to use source files for reference, debugging, or the creation of commercial derivatives for shipping devices. For more information on Shared Source, visit the Windows Embedded Web Site.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows CE, Windows XP

        • 266-MHz Pentium II or later processor; 500-MHz processor recommended
        • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4 or Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1
        • Microsoft .NET Framework, version 1.1
        • 128 MB of RAM; 192 MB of RAM required to run the Emulator
        • 1.7 GB of available hard-disk space for a typical single microprocessor installation; approximately 17 GB for installation of the entire product, including the Platform Builder toolset
        Before attempting a download, verify your Internet Explorer disk space setting for Temporary Internet Files is 600 MB or larger. To adjust this setting, open the IE browser, click on "Tools", then "Internet Options". Under the section labeled "Temporary Internet Files", select "Settings".

        If you face an installation failure, you may need to clear the Internet Explorer (IE) Temporary Internet Files because files needed for installation may have been corrupted during download. Clear the Temporary Internet Files in IE and restart the download. To clear the Temporary Internet Files, open the IE browser, click on Tools, then Internet Options. Under the section labeled Temporary Internet Files, select Delete Files.

        • This kit is intended for evaluation purposes only.
        • Each evaluation software kit can only be installed on one computer.
        • Confirm that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run the evaluation software.
        • There are no free support incidents offered with this download. Please refer to online documentation for product support information.
        • NON-COMMERCIAL USE. This Windows CE 5.0 Evaluation Edition is provided to you at no charge for the non-commercial testing and development of your hardware platform and application software. All rights granted under the associated EULA are for non-commercial purposes and do not provide rights to distribute any portion of the software product.

        You may also choose to purchase the Evaluation Edition on CD or DVD, which includes Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 Service Pack 4, a powerful development tool that offers considerable benefits to companies building native code applications. You can order the Evaluation Edition on CD or DVD from the Windows Embedded Web Site:

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