Microsoft Smooth Streaming Plugin for OSMF with Azure Media MPEG-DASH support

    Smooth Streaming Plugin for OSMF enables playback of Smooth Streaming and Windows Azure Media Services on-demand MPEG-DASH(beta) content using both OSMF and Strobe Media Playback.
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        Note: MPEG-DASH support and features are beta state and are subject to change in future.
        Smooth Streaming plugin for Open Source Media Framework 2.0 (OSMF) enables you to build applications in OSMF or Strobe Media Playback (SMP) that consume Smooth Streaming and Windows Azure Media Services on-demand MPEG-DASH(beta) content. Developers can easily add Smooth Streaming/MPEG-DASH playback capabilities to existing OSMF-based players as well as dynamically load the plugin for use with Strobe Media Playback and enable their existing or new applications to consume Smooth Streaming with very little to no code changes.

        To enable Windows Azure Media Services Dynamic Packaging feature with MPEG-DASH support, please refer to Dynamic Packaging configuration page http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/azure/jj889436.aspx and SmootStreaminPluginReadme_1.0.9.pdf readme file.

        Available in Microsoft Smooth Streaming Plugin for OSMF 2.0:
        • On-demand Smooth Streaming playback (Play, Pause, Seek, Stop)
        • On-demand Azure Media MPEG-DASH playback (beta) (Play, Pause, Seek, Stop)
        • Live Smooth Streaming playback (Play)
        • Live Smooth Streaming DVR playback (Play, Pause, Seek, go-to-live)
        • Support for video codecs – H.264
        • Support for Audio codecs – AAC
        • Multiple audio language switching with OSMF built-in APIs
        • Max playback quality selection with OSMF built-in APIs
        • This version only supports OSMF 2.0

        The files containing the Microsoft Smooth Streaming Plugin for OSMF are licensed under the software license terms available from this Web page. No other license rights are expressed or implied.
    • Supported Operating System

      Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP

        • Browsers supporting Flash® Player 11.5 or higher
        • OSMF 2.0
        • Flash® Builder® 4 or Flash® Professional®
      • Follow the instructions in the Smooth_Streaming_Plugin_for_OSMF_readme.pdf file for using the Smooth Streaming plugin with OSMF projects and Strobe Media Playback.

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