Microsoft Dexterity 2013 Documentation

This documentation describes how to use Dexterity, which is the application development system used to create Microsoft Dynamics GP.
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      You can use this page to download the following documentation components.

      Help files
      The following help files are available:
      • Dexterity Help (Dex.chm): Includes information about building applications using Dexterity, and also includes contextual help for windows in the Dexterity development environment.
      • Dexterity Utilities Help (DexUtils.chm): Describes utilities you can use to construct, compile, and query Dexterity dictionaries.
      • Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Help (IG.chm): Includes the Microsoft Dynamics GP integration information in HTML Help format.

      Manuals in PDF format
      The following manuals are available:
      • Comprehensive Index (CMPINDEX.pdf): Contains a compilation of all the indexes in the Dexterity documentation set, which you can use to look up topics in any of the Dexterity manuals.
      • Dexterity Components (COMPNT.pdf): Describes the components included with Dexterity.
      • Dexterity Utilities (DEXUTIL.pdf): Explains how to use Dexterity Utilities to manage the dictionaries you create using Dexterity, and includes reference information about the utilities and reports that are included.
      • Function Library Reference (FUNCTLIB.pdf): Contains detailed reference information about the functions in each Dexterity function library.
      • Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Guide (IG.pdf): Explains interface and programming conventions and describes how to develop a Dexterity-based component that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP in a runtime environment.
      • Programmer's Guide Volume 1 (PRGV1.pdf): Describes the Dexterity development system used to create and package applications and manage development.
      • Programmer's Guide Volume 2 (PRGV2.pdf): Introduces sanScript, and explains how to add scripts to a Dexterity application and work with controls and tables. Also describes advanced scripting tools, the development process for Dexterity-based applications, and the integrated source code debugger in Dexterity.
      • Quick Start (QSTART.pdf): Contains overview information and lessons to introduce you to creating applications with Dexterity.
      • sanScript Reference (SANSCRPT.pdf): Contains descriptions of all functions and statements in sanScript.
      • Stand-alone Application Guide (STNDALON.pdf): Explains how to create a stand-alone application. Topics include developing pathname support, online help, and security, as well as using tools such as Modifier and Report Writer. Dictionaries included with Dexterity also are described.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista

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