Poster: Networking in Virtual Machine Manager

This poster illustrates networking options available for VMM in System Center 2012 SP1
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      This poster for VMM in System Center 2012 SP1 can help you:

      • Plan your VMM networks using a logical view of VM networks, logical networks, and logical switches using a variety of configurations including VLAN-based configuration, no isolation, network virtualization, external networks, and with no virtual networking.
      • Configure networking in VMM using configuration steps by roles including fabric administrators, tenant administrators, or by any user.
      • Understand the network object model with diagrams of objects showing the relationships between objects.
      • Extend VMM with options including using a vendor network-management server with extensions, connect a VM network to other networks by configuring the VM network with a gateway, and load-balance requests to VMs that make up a VMM service tier by adding a load balancer to VMM.
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    Windows 7

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