BizTalk Server 2013 Evaluation Edition

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BizTalk Server 2013 is an integration server that provides connectivity, Business Process Management (BPM), and SOA/ESB capabilities. It also includes Business to Business (B2B) integration capabilities, Adapters, Accelerators, and an RFID platform.
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      BizTalk Server 2013 offers significant enhancements to the already rich integration capabilities by including the following feature additions: • Integration with Cloud Services – BizTalk Server 2013 includes new out-of-the box adapters to send and receive messages from Windows Azure Service Bus. It also provides capabilities to transfer messages using different relay endpoints hosted on Azure. • RESTful services – BizTalk Server 2013 provides adapters to invoke REST endpoints as well as expose BizTalk Server artifacts as a RESTful service. • Enhanced SharePoint adapter – Integrating with SharePoint using BizTalk Server 2013 is now as simple as integrating with a file share. We have removed the need for dependency on SharePoint farms, while still providing backward compatibility. • SFTP adapter – BizTalk Server 2013 enables sending and receiving messages from an SFTP server. • ESB Toolkit integration – With BizTalk Server 2013 , ESB Toolkit is now fully integrated with BizTalk Server. Also, the ESB Toolkit configuration experience is vastly simplified to enable a quick setup. • Dependency tracking - The dependencies between artifacts can now be viewed and navigated in Admin console. • Improvements in dynamic send ports – BizTalk Server 2013 provides the ability to set host handler per adapter, instead of always using the default send handler of the adapters. Over and above these, BizTalk Server continues to enable integration solutions across heterogeneous Line-of-business systems with Microsoft .NET and SharePoint-based applications to optimize user productivity, gain business efficiency and increase agility. BizTalk Server 2013 allows .Net developers to take advantage of BizTalk services right out of the box to rapidly build solutions that need to integrate transactions and data from applications like SAP, Mainframes, MS Dynamics, and Oracle. BizTalk Server 2013 includes data mapping & transformation tools to dramatically reduce the development time to mediate data exchange between disparate systems. It also provides various management interfaces to for managing BizTalk Server applications, managing performance parameters, and streamlining deployments from development to test to production. BizTalk Server 2013 includes a scalable Trading Partner Management (TPM) model with a graphical interface for flexible management of business partner relationships and efficient on-boarding process.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012

      The software is for evaluation and deployment planning purposes only. If you plan to install the software on your primary computer, we recommend that you back up your existing data prior to installation.
        To run BizTalk Server 2013 Evaluation Edition you need:
        • 32-bit (x86) platforms: Computer with an Intel Pentium-compatible CPU that is 1 GHz or faster for single processors; 900 MHz or faster for double processors; or 700 MHz or faster for quad processors

        • 64-bit (x64) platforms: Computer with a CPU that is compatible with the AMD64 and Extended Memory 64-bit Technology (EMT64T), 1.7 GHz or faster processor recommended for BizTalk Server 2013

        • 2 GB of RAM minimum (more recommended)

        • 10 GB of available hard-disk space

        • VGA monitor (1024 x 768) or higher-resolution monitor

        • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

        To use BizTalk Server 2013 Evaluation Edition you need the following software:
        • SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1

        • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

        • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 [Required for selected features only]

        • Microsoft Office Excel 2010 [Required for selected features only]

        • SQL Server 2005 Notification Service [Required for selected features only]

        • SQLXML 4.0 with Service Pack 1 [Required for selected features only]

        • Internet Information Services (IIS) Version 7.5 and 7.0 [Required for selected features only]

      • Click the Download button to download the file.

      • Run the downloaded .EXE from your hard drive and choose the directory from which to install the downloaded product.

      • From the directory where you extracted your files, run Setup.exe and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

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