System Center Management Pack for Microsoft Application Virtualization Server 5.0

    The Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Microsoft Application Virtualization Server 5.0 provides proactive monitoring of the App-V 5.0 Server systems.
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        The Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Server 5.0 monitoring for App-V 5.0 Management, Publishing, and Reporting services installed on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) servers. The monitoring capabilities of this Management Pack are targeted to the App-V 5.0 services and are satisfied by leveraging events collected from each service. The events collected from each service indicate critical issues or failures with App-V 5.0 operations: during administrative interaction, application publishing, connectivity with active directory, between services, dependent infrastructure, database interaction. There is no monitoring of the App-V 5.0 Management or Reporting Microsoft SQL Databases or of the Microsoft IIS server hosting the App-V 5.0 services.

        Feature Summary
        • Discovery of the Application Virtualization 5.0 Services: Management, Publishing, Reporting
        • Alerts indicating availability/configuration/security issues that require administrative intervention
        • Collection Rules defined for significant events in ETW logs of each App-V 5.0 Service
        • Verification that dependent NT services are running
        • Notification of security issues involving admin access attempts, admin added/deleted on App-V 5.0 Management Server

        Release History
        • 4/12/2013 - Original English release, version 1.0
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012

        • Other Software: System Center 2012 or later
      • To download the Management Pack
        1. Click the Download button at the top of this page, and download the Monitoring Pack .msi file to the Operations Manager management server.
        2. On the Operations Manager management server, double-click the Monitoring Pack .msi file and follow the instructions to extract the Management Pack files to a temporary folder.

        To Import the Monitoring Pack into Operations Manager
        1. On the Operations Manager management server, open the Microsoft Operations Manager Operations console.
        2. On the Operations console, select Administration.
        3. Expand the Administration node, security, and select Management Packs
        4. Right-click Management Pack, and select Import Management Pack.
        5. Follow the instructions in the wizard to import the Management Pack.

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