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      SharePoint is about giving you and the people you work with a better way to get things done together. That means your content is stored and organized in one place. You can access it from virtually anywhere and share it with anyone. And that’s just the beginning. SharePoint gives you all kinds of ways to plan projects, stay in sync with each other, and work on content together. You also get a window into all of the information your organization stores in SharePoint, so it’s easy to find the answers and people you’re looking for.

      Check out the scenarios in these videos to see some of the ways SharePoint can help you work better together or visit You can also download the associated Discover SharePoint how-to guides.

      1_Store_Sync_Share_1.mp4: Get started with OneDrive for Business
      Learn how to take advantage of OneDrive for Business so that you can sync your content with the click of a button, access it from anywhere, and share it with anyone.

      1_Store_Sync_Share_2.mp4: Work together at the same time
      Find out how you can quickly loop in colleagues to work together on content—even at the same time—while everyone’s changes to a document are automatically tracked.

      2_Keep_everyone_on_the_same_page_1.mp4: Set up a site in a few simple clicks
      Learn how easy and quick it is to set up a site where you can store, organize, and share what you need to get your work done, including notes, mailboxes, documents, schedules, and newsfeeds. You can customize your site just the way you want it and extend it with a whole world of apps at your fingertips.

      2_Keep_everyone_on_the_same_page_2.mp4: Take notes together from a single place
      Find out how you can boost team productivity with a shared notebook that everyone on your site can work together on—even simultaneously—to capture text, audio, and video from anywhere, on any device and even offline.

      2_Keep_everyone_on_the_same_page_3.mp4: Stay in sync and always up to date
      See how easy it is to share important information with the people you need through shared mailboxes and calendars that help you stay in sync and up to date.

      3_Stay_on_track_1.mp4: Organize and assign tasks
      Find out how you can keep your project on track with an interactive timeline that lets you break your project into steps, assign tasks to people, and keep an eye on what needs to get done.

      3_Stay_on_track_2.mp4: Take your project to the next level
      See how you can take your project to the next level with Project Professional to manage task dependencies, balance resource allocations, and quickly generate status reports.

      3_Stay_on_track_3.mp4: See all your tasks in a single view
      Learn how you can stay on top of things by keeping an eye on all of your personal and assigned tasks in a single to-do list.

      4_Find_the_right_people_1.mp4: Connect with people
      Check out how newsfeeds can connect you with people who share your interests, keep track of ongoing conversations across your organization, and help you discover the people and topics that matter most to you. As you start to follow specific people and topics, your newsfeed learns about what you follow so that it can show you the most relevant updates.

      4_Find_the_right_people_2.mp4: Connect with the communities around you
      See how you can connect with people through community sites to ask questions and share your knowledge. Conversations are organized by categories and the most active people are rewarded and recognized for the contributions they make.

      4_Find_the_right_people_3.mp4: Find experts and answers
      Learn how you can quickly and easily discover experts across your organization from a single place, and find answers to your questions from existing conversations on newsfeeds or community sites. Filling out your profile and participating in communities and conversations will help others find you: you’re an expert too.

      5_Find_what_you_need_1.mp4: Meet your organization’s search engine
      Learn how easy it is to discover information across your organization with personalized results and recommendations from the search engine, whether you’re looking for documents, people, conversations, or even videos.

      5_Find_what_you_need_2.mp4: Discover experts and answers
      Check out how easy it is to pinpoint the people and answers you need and fill out your profile so that others can find you: you’re an expert too.

      5_Find_what_you_need_3.mp4: Search for multimedia content
      Find out how you can search for video content just as easily as any other type of content, and quickly dig deeper on the results to find exactly what you need.

      6_Make_informed_decisions_1.mp4: Gain deeper insights
      See how Power View can help you gain valuable insights into your data so that you can ultimately make better decisions for your organization.

      6_Make_informed_decisions_2.mp4: Build a data model with PowerPivot
      Learn how PowerPivot can help you create a powerful data model from all of your relevant data sources.

      6_Make_informed_decisions_3.mp4: Create a dashboard with Power View
      Watch how you can whip up a stunning dashboard with Power View so that you can visualize and share your insights with everyone you need to in SharePoint.

      8_Keep_everyone_informed_Yammer.mp4: A first look at Yammer
      ?Now you can also use Yammer to connect your distributed workforce, achieve greater transparency and accelerate communication, leading to better decision-making and tighter alignment.

      7_Onboard_new_employees_Yammer.mp4: Onboard new employees with Yammer
      Now you can also use Yammer to connect new employees to job-relevant people and knowledge throughout your organization, accelerating their time-to-productivity and reducing costs.

      7_Onboard_new_employees_1.mp4: Bring your site to life with videos
      In the part 1 of this walk-through, see how to setup a site and promote videos to ultimately give new employees what they need on day 1.

      7_Onboard_new_employees_2.mp4: Help new hires find the resources they need
      In the part 2 of this walk-through, learn how to expand and customize your site to help people quickly find what they need.

      7_Onboard_new_employees_3.mp4: Gather and process requests online
      In the part 3 of this walk-through, discover how to gather and process employees requests electronically, right from your onboarding site.

      9_Share_your_knowledge_Yammer.mp4: Share ideas and knowledge on Yammer
      Now you can also use Yammer to stay in touch with others, follow experts, and share ideas.

      9_Share_your_knowledge_1.mp4: Build a community site
      Organize conversations and drive community engagement with community sites, badges and peer recognition.

      9_Share_your_knowledge_2.mp4: Organize and share resources
      Videos are a great way to learn, share and capture knowledge. Did you know that SharePoint can help you organize and share videos as well?

      15_Meet_Compliance_Needs_1.mp4: Get started with eDiscovery
      A single place to perform eDiscovery across sites, email and IM.

      15_Meet_Compliance_Needs_2.mp4: Defining retention policies
      Create, manage, and preserve critical data within your organization.

      15_Meet_Compliance_Needs_3.mp4: Organizing automatically archives
      Automatically organize records for long term archiving.

      17_Empower_people_and_stay_in_control_1.mp4: Managing site lifecycle with site policies
      Learn how to control site proliferation and maintain better governance through self-service site creation and IT-created site policies.

      17_Empower_people_and_stay_in_control_2.mp4: Configuring document auditing
      Check out the improved control over site compliance and new audit policies.

      17_Empower_people_and_stay_in_control_3.mp4: Using Document Retention Policies
      Take advantage of built-in safety controls and protect information with site retention policies.

      16_Provide_the_right_support_1.mp4: Managing ticket requests
      Streamline IT support by using SharePoint to gather and assign ticket requests, automatically send notifications, and keep track of progress.

      16_Provide_the_right_support_3.mp4: Gathering feedback with online survey
      Take advantage of surveys to gather valuable feedback from employees to improve.

      16_Provide_the_right_support_2.mp4: Real time monitoring with Visio Services
      Get status updates on important metrics by adding a visualization layer to your data with Visio Services.

      13_Align_your_teams_1.mp4: Access content from virtually anywhere
      Keep your team focused and aligned with a single site where you can access the most up-to-date content from one place, on the go and from the device of your choice.

      13_Align_your_teams_2.mp4: Foster real-time discussions between sales and marketing
      Stay connected to your coworkers and stay ahead of the competition by working together more closely with Yammer.

      13_Align_your_teams_3.mp4: Build and deliver a killer presentation together
      Boost your team’s productivity and quality of work through online meetings and real-time coauthoring—even on the same content at the same time.

      12_Engage_audience_online_1.mp4: Managing your brand online
      Engage your audience online with dynamic, public-facing websites accessible from just about any device and built around what people really want—the ability to quickly find what they need, and personalized recommendations that match their wants and needs.

      12_Engage_audience_online_2.mp4: Setting up Targeted Campaigns & Recommendations
      Create a unique experience for every visitor to your website by delivering targeted, highly relevant content around the globe.

      11_Make_customers_partners_happy_1.mp4: Share information externally
      Share documents and sites externally, and see how to manage permissions to control the level of access to them.

      11_Make_customers_partners_happy_2.mp4: First look at a Knowledge Center for partners
      Quickly organize and publish content within SharePoint with a custom knowledge management portal.

      11_Make_customers_partners_happy_3.mp4: Managing your brand online
      Discover how SharePoint can help build dynamic, public-facing websites to better target your audience.

      10_Boost_business_processes_1.mp4: Build an app with Access
      Use Access to build a simple app for SharePoint that can collect information in one place and ultimately streamline business processes.

      10_Boost_business_processes_2.mp4: Design workflows with Visio
      Streamline processes in your organization by designing advanced workflow with Visio.

      10_Boost_business_processes_3.mp4: Take your workflow to the next level with SharePoint designer
      Connect your Visio workflows with SharePoint so that you can link to users, lists, and more.
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