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      SharePoint is about giving you and the people you work with a better way to get things done together. That means your content is stored and organized in one place. You can access it from virtually anywhere and share it with anyone. And that’s just the beginning. SharePoint gives you all kinds of ways to plan projects, stay in sync with each other, and work on content together. You also get a window into all of the information your organization stores in SharePoint, so it’s easy to find the answers and people you’re looking for.

      Check out these guides to see some of the ways SharePoint can help you work better together, or visit You can also download the associated Discover SharePoint videos.

      1_Store_Sync_Share.pdf — Store, sync, and share your content guide   In this guide, learn how to use OneDrive for Business to store, share and sync your content. See how to edit documents together at the same time, and how to post content to a newsfeed to gather more feedback and ideas.

      2_Keep_everyone_on_the_same_page.pdf — Keep everyone on the same page guide   In this guide, learn how to quickly setup your site, add a tasks list, a timeline, a calendar and other useful apps. See how you can use OneNote to take notes in just one place, all together at the same time, and how to use the site mailbox to stay in sync and share emails instantly.

      3_Stay_on_track.pdf — Stay on track guide   In this guide, learn more about the new timeline and how you can quickly edit a task list in SharePoint. See how to quickly sync tasks to Project Professional for more advanced users, and how to keep track of active tasks from SharePoint, Project and Outlook in a single to-do-list.

      4_Find_the_right_people.pdf — Find the right people guide   In this guide, discover the newsfeed and how you it can help you stay in touch with peoplearound your organization. See how community sites can help organize conversation and knowledge, and finally learn how to use SharePoint Search to discover experts and answers.

      5_Find_what_you_need.pdf — Find what you need guide   In this guide, see how you can quickly search and find what you need to get things done in SharePoint.

      6_Make_informed_decisions.pdf — Make informed decisions guide   In this guide, learn how you can turn data into insights, build a powerful data model in Excel using PowerPivot, create a stuning dashboard with Power View and share it with others in SharePoint.

      7_Onboard_new_employees.pdf — Onboard new employees guide   In this guide, learn how to quickly build a site that helps new employees find what they need on Day 1: videos, HR policies and procedures, and basic forms and approval workflows.

      9_Share_your_knowledge.pdf — Share your knowledge guide   In this guide, see how to share your knowledge, experience, and best practices with others.

      10_Boost_business_processes.pdf — Boost business processes Guide   In this guide, learn how to use SharePoint, Access, and Visio to collect information in one place and streamline business processes. Use Access to build custom apps, Visio to design advanced workflows, and SharePoint to connect everything together.

      11_Make_customers_partners_happy.pdf — Make your customers and partners happy Guide   In this guide, learn how to give your customers and partners easy access to the content they want and need. Build dynamic knowledge management portals and public-facing websites, and manage permissions to control access to them.

      12_Engage_audience_online.pdf — Engage your audience online   In this guide, learn how to give your audience engaging and unique online experiences. Build public-facing websites that are accessible across devices, provide personalized recommendations, and deliver targeted content.

      15_Meet_Compliance_Needs.pdf — Help meet compliance needs guide   In this guide, discover how SharePoint can help your organization meet compliance needs.

      16_Provide_the_right_support.pdf — Provide the right support Guide   In this guide, learn how to use SharePoint, Excel, and Visio to automate help desk tasks, distribute and manage employee surveys, and create detailed graphics to visually analyze user data.

      17_Empower_people_and_stay_in_control.pdf — Empower people and stay in control Guide   In this guide, learn how you can use SharePoint to balance user and IT needs. Empower users with self-service site creation, and stay in control with IT-governed audit and retention policies, as well as built-in safety settings.

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    Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

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