Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0-Exchange E-mail Router Update

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This update allows the distribution of Microsoft Dynamics CRM e-mail message forwarding rules to mailboxes that are located on computers running Exchange Server 2007.
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      The Microsoft® Dynamics CRM-Exchange E-mail Router (the Router) is a software component that provides an interface between the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server or Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. When the Router is installed on the same computer as Exchange 2000 or 2003, it transfers e-mail messages to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. The Router cannot be installed on a computer that is running Exchange 2007.

      The two components that are installed and configured are as follows:
      • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM-Exchange E-mail Router Service
      • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Rule Deployment Wizard
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2003

      Regardless of the computer configuration, the following is a list of prerequisite software and configuration items that must be installed before you install the Router:
      • Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server or Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 must be installed and operational on the computer that the Router is to be installed. NOTE: Although the router can process e-mail messages forwarded by Exchange Server 2007 mailboxes, it cannot run on a computer that has Exchange Server 2007 installed.
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1.
      • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server must be installed and operational.
      • The user who installs the Router must be a member of the Domain Administrators group and have Local Administrator credentials on the Microsoft Exchange Server.
      • You must log on to the computer where the Router is to be installed as a user who has local administrative privileges on the computer that is running Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
      • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 is required. If not already installed, .NET Framework 1.1 SP 1 will be installed during Router Setup. This requires that you restart the Exchange Server computer before the rest of the Router can be installed.
      1. Before you run Setup, you must uninstall any previous version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0-Exchange E-mail Router.
      2. Meet all requirements in the previous "System Requirements" section.

      3. Log on to the computer where the Router is to be installed as a member of the Domain User group who has local administrator privileges.

      4. Double-click the .exe file.

      5. Select Install Microsoft CRM-Exchange E-mail Router from the first screen.

      6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
    • For more information about the Microsoft CRM Exchange E-mail Router Service and the E-mail Rule Deployment Wizard, see Chapter 17 of the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Implementation Guide.

      Note: This chapter has not been updated for this release.
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