PHP Code Samples for the Live Search API

    Example code for calling the Live Search SOAP web service in your PHP application
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      PHP Live Search

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        This code sample demonstrates how to use the Live Search SOAP web service in your PHP application. It includes examples of all major functionality provided by the web service and includes a reusable module to simplify the API calls.

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    • Supported Operating System

      Mac OS X, Unix, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

        Please refer to the README.html file in the download archive for detailed information about requirements. Following is a summary of the major requirements:

        - PHP v5.2.1 or later (
        - A web server from which to serve the files included in this sample. The instructions are specific to IIS, but this sample should work with other web servers as well.
        - An Application ID that will allow this sample to access the Live Search Web Service
      • Please refer to the README.htm file for detailed instructions