System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Volume Sizing Tool

The DPM 2007 Volume Sizing Tool facilitates Data Protection Manager 2007 volume sizing.
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      “DPMvolumeSizing” gathers data for DPM volume sizing purposes and applies DPM sizing rules to obtain DPM replica and recovery point volume requirements. Scripts collect and save information in a format tuned to easily import into an Excel workbook containing DPM sizing formulas for DPM-supported workloads. The User Guide (DPMv2VolSizeTool.doc) details how to import data and use the worksheets in the DPMVolumeSizing.xlsx workbook. This tool is validated to work for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services workloads.

      Feature Bullet Summary:
      • Collects information on data sources to protect from a list of servers
      • Appends or overwrites collected information as desired
      • Facilitates importing collected information in Excel workbook
      • Applies DPM 2007 sizing rules for storage pool volumes
      • Totals DPM 2007 storage pool needs based on imported information
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 editions, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2

      • This download applies to DPM 2007

      • Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is required to use the sizing workbook.

      • Windows SysInternals PsExec utility is required to obtain system state sizing information

    • To collect information about your data sources for DPM volume sizing purpose, please follow these instructions:
      1. Download and install Psexec.exe from the Windows SysInternals PsExec utility location.
      2. Download DPMv2VolSizeTool.doc and save to a directory of your choice.
      3. Download and run setup.msi. Setup extracts the required files to a directory of your choice.
      4. Open DPMv2VolSizeTool.doc and follow instructions in the "DPM 2007 Volume Sizing Tool - Quick Start" section.
      5. Refer to DPMv2VolSizeTool.doc for detailed guidance on how to use the DPM 2007 Volume Sizing Tool.
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