The Central Role of Cloud Computing in Making Cities Energy-Smart

This whitepaper explores how the integration of information technology can advance and accelerate the evolution to energy-efficient cities that provide economic growth and quality of life for generations to come.
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      Cities are home to more than half of people in the world today, and will be home to nearly 70% of our population by 2050. As such, cities that are economically and environmentally sustainable are critical to achieving the sustainability of our society as a whole. Cities that are designed and operated to be energy-efficient have the potential to be one of the most effective means to this end. To achieve this potential, as both existing and new cities grow, their energy infrastructures need to evolve, becoming energy-smart to support increased energy conservation and integration of cleaner, renewable energy sources. This whitepaper provides an in-depth look at how urban energy infrastructure is already being enabled by the integration of information technologies that help manage the dynamic, increasingly distributed nature of the supply of and demand for energy. Maturing cloud computing and data management technologies offer new opportunities to address energy management issues on a new scale; one that is needed in a world of increasing energy and environmental constraints. In fact, the evolution of energy infrastructures won’t be achieved without information technologies – in particular, applications and services that leverage the computing capabilities of the cloud. All cities will need to leverage systems that are connected and supported by a large volume of real-time data from diverse public and private sources if they are to meet the needs of increasing population.
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