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    .NET Rocks! - Kathleen Dollard on the Evolution of Software Development

    Kathleen spends a little more than an hour talking with Richard and Carl about how software development has changed over the years, for better mostly. Still, change is difficult, and Kathleen provides some insight into how she approaches these changes.
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        Kathleen first programmed when she was 12, which was about a billion years ago and has been developing business applications for over 20 years. She’s the second of three generations of programmers with both her mother and son spending time as professional programmers (rumor has it she taught her mom to code). She’s been a Microsoft MVP for over ten years, was the founding president of the Northern Colorado .NET SIG, and is an active member of the Denver Visual Studio User Group. She’s the author of Code Generation in Microsoft NET (from Apress) and has a monthly column “Ask Kathleen” in Visual Studio Magazine along with dozens of articles already in print. As an INETA and conference speaker, she’s spoken in 27 states and 5 countries about Microsoft .NET.
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