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    White Paper: Business Case For Tablet PC

    Learn how Tablet PCs can add value to your business with enhanced productivity and improved business processes. This paper provides a perspective on Tablet PCs in training and education, sales, healthcare, financial services and more.
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        In today’s fast-paced business environment, mobile workers often find themselves in situations where they are unable to use their computer. The resulting lack of access to information and resources, often at critical moments in a business process, is a primary cause of poor customer service, missed opportunities, and inefficient work practices. In addition, they are forced to work with paper, resulting in future data entry tasks, lost information, and an increase in errors.

        The Tablet PC, with its unique form factor, pen navigation, and the capability to write directly on the screen, offers today’s mobile workers the ability to revolutionize the ways they work by making it easy to capture, access, and use information wherever the job takes them.

        Whether used to enhance customer presentations, naturally complete electronic forms, facilitate collaboration on documents, or improve meetings and training sessions, the Tablet PC provides users with unmatched access to information while on the go and the ability to naturally record and share information and ideas.

        The Tablet PC enhances information workers’ productivity while providing full functionality to the user in any situation. In addition to slate mode, the Tablet PC can be attached to a docking station and used as a desktop or as a notebook PC, whichever option is most convenient. Regardless of form factor, the Tablet PC runs all of the applications available for Microsoft® Windows® XP-based computers. And, by enabling digital ink input, the Tablet PC makes users more productive with the software they use everyday.
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