Hector Protector Button/Screen Saver

    This Hector Protector™ button has been created by the NetSafe® Programme of New Zealand to help keep children safe online.
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        This Hector Protector™ button has been created by the NetSafe® Programme of New Zealand to help keep children safe online. The function of this button is to give a child the ability to quickly cover the screen of the computer with a screensaver of Hector Protector™ when they encounter material that frightens or upsets them. With a click of the button, the problem is covered over by Hector until a trusted adult can come and deal with the situation. Hector also gives children very positive feedback for using the button and talking with an adult about the problem.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows XP

        This Hector Protector download will operate on Microsoft Windows XP only.
      • When you download the button, the installer will set up the following items on your computer:
        • The Hector Protector Screensaver
        • The Hector Protector Monitor that swims along with a child during their time online
        • The Hector Protector Browser button
        • Un-install function under Add or Remove Programs
        After installation, you will see a Hector Protector™ Icon in the right bottom corner of your screen on the taskbar.

        By default, this is set to work with your Internet Explorer Browser, Outlook and Outlook Express.

        When you open any of these programs, Hector will be visible in front of the program.

        When your mouse hovers over the icon, you will see the text "Hector is awake".

        To activate the screensaver and cover the screen: Simply click on the swimming Hector Protector Monitor.

        To move Hector around your screen, e.g. to move him out of the way: Click and drag.

        To stop Hector appearing when you open these programs: Right click the Toolbar Icon and click STOP.

        You will see the text "Hector is asleep" when your mouse hovers over the icon.

        To restart Hector appearing when you open these programs: Right click the Toolbar Icon and click START.

        To close the screensaver: Click the “Close Hector” button on the screensaver.

        To start the screensaver without Hector being awake: Click the Icon on the Internet Explorer Toolbar.

        The same functionality as above is available by right clicking Hector.
      • FAQs
        Q: Is there a fee for using the button?
        A: No.

        Q: How big is the file?
        A: It is 3.5 mb for XP Users and 6.2 mb for all other Windows® operating systems.

        Q: How long will it take to download?
        A: This depends on your connection. To give you an indication, for broadband users it should take less than 1 minute. For a 56k modem it will take approximately 20 minutes, but the download will occur in the background and will not impact on other programs you are using.

        Q: Does Hector Protector™ work on Apple MAC Computers?
        A: No. You can use ‘command H’ and this will quickly give you a blank screen, but Hector will not appear. NetSafe is now working with the Apple Computer Division of Renaissance Limited to see if a version of the button for the Apple system is feasible, so stay tuned.

        Q: What operating systems does Hector Protector™ work on?
        A: Windows 98 and releases through to and including Windows XP.

        Q: Which programs will activate my Hector Safety Button?
        A: Currently Supported Browsers:
        • MS Internet Explorer
        • MS Internet Explorer
        • Mozilla
        • Mozilla Fire Fox
        • Opera
        • Netscape *
        • Avant Browser *
        • Crazy Browser
        • MyIE2
        Currently Supported Email Clients:
        • Outlook Express
        • Outlook
        • Thunderbird
        * Hector will always run if the System Tray Icon is enabled

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